Grilling Tips

Use the direct method to quickly cook foods. Chicken breasts, steaks, fish and seafood are good choices. Place foods on the grate directly over the heat source. Consider the indirect method for foods that require longer than 20 minutes to cook—whole chickens, boneless turkey roasts and pork ribs. Spread charcoals around the edges of grill…


Americans enjoy cooking outdoors!

According to a 2016 report from the NFPA, grills are responsible for 8,900 residential fires every year, and gas grills account for more fires than charcoal grills. Safe grilling: Place all cooking equipment on a sturdy surface away from railings, eaves, and low tree branches;  Place a spray bottle nearby for small flames on the…


Grilling Tips for Juicy Meat

Will you be cooking over an open flame such as a camp fire or fire pit this weekend?  Remember these simple tips to ensure your meat stays juicy, tender, and delicious! Tips: Cook over a low heat and plan to remove your food from the grill just before you think you should.  Remove large pieces…



2 MINUTES! Before a fire is out of control, your family has 2 minutes to exit the home safely. Practice your 2-minute drill to ensure your family can safely escape a home fire. Call A&A Fire and Safety to update and install your home smoke alarms. 501-834-5353house_fire