What is Backflow?

Backflow is the term used to describe the flow of water in the opposite direction it is intended.


Why are Backflow Systems so important?

Backflow systems are put into place to direct the flow of clean water used for drinking and fire suppression systems. Backflow systems can fail, causing dangerous bacteria to enter the public water supply.   When the contaminated water mixes with fresh water, the drinking water becomes unsafe for humans and animals to consume.

Backflow inspection

How do I know if the backflow system is working properly?

Annual Backflow inspections ensure drinking water supplies are protected from contamination. Only a trained and licensed tester should inspect commercial facilities, industrial buildings, irrigation systems, and water distribution systems for proper installation and maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies.


What happens if I don’t check or maintain the Backflow system?

Any small piece of debris or sediment build-up can cause a Backflow system to malfunction. If the system malfunctions, two main problems could occur.

  1. The drinking water would be polluted
  2. The fire safety system would not contain enough fresh water to effectively extinguish a fire


What else do I need to know about Backflow Inspections?

Under the (National Fire Protection Association) NFPA 25 Standards, inspections of Backflow assemblies are required annually. Each state has its own set of laws designed to reinforce the NFPA 25 regulations.  Therefore, Backflow inspections should be part of a building’s annual maintenance in order to ensure the public’s overall health and safety.


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