Locate All Fire Exits

Just as you experience on an airplane, a key component of emergency preparedness is knowing how to get out of an enclosed space in the event of an emergency. You need properly lit EXIT signs above every door of your building – this helps employees and family members who might be disoriented from smoke inhalation…


Fire Hazards: Chemicals

It’s easy to overlook the fundamentals of maintaining a safe working environment when you’re running a business.  OSHA requires companies to properly label all hazardous chemicals being stored or used in the workplace. Whether it’s a flammable, corrosive, oil, etc., all types of hazardous chemicals must possess a clear and accurate label.   Protect your business…


Fire Hazards: Lightning

Lightning associated with thunderstorms generates a variety of fire hazards. The power of lightning’s electrical charge and intense heat can electrocute on contact.  Pools of water and even appliances can be electrically charged.   Keep a portable fire extinguisher on hand to protect your home or business.  A&A Fire and Safety can provide you with quality fire protection equipment…


Fire Extinguisher For The Home

A functional fire extinguisher in your home is of the utmost importance. It is the ideal tool to put out a fire. Be aware of the operating instructions on the label so you will not be caught having to read them when the kitchen is ablaze.  Protect your home by calling A&A Fire and Safety Company today…


Fire Prevention

Avoid fire hazards. Common hazardous fire conditions can result from poor housekeeping and improper storage of hazardous items.  In your home or work place, store paper products, linens, boxes and food away from heat and cooking sources.  Protect your home or business by calling A&A Fire and Safety Company today for a FREE estimate.  501-834-5353