In the event of a fire at home, immediately call 911.   Only if the fire is small and manageable should you attempt to put out the fire yourself.  If the fire is small, the power of a hand held fire extinguisher could prevent the development of a larger fire.  Before trying to put out the fire, make sure the fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing that type of burning material.  Not all fire extinguishers are suitable for all fires.  #ABCisbest

In the US, fire extinguishers are classified by the types of fire they can extinguish.  There are six classes of fire: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, ‘Electrical’, and Class F.   Watch the short video to find out which type of fire extinguisher is best suited for the home  Often times, fire extinguishers will work on multiple types of fires.  For example, A 5 LB, ABC extinguisher will extinguish Class A, B, and C fires.

 –    Class A fires – combustible materials: caused by flammable solids, such as wood, paper, and fabric
 –    Class B fires – flammable liquids: such as petrol, turpentine or paint
 –    Class C fires – flammable gases: like hydrogen, butane or methane
 –    Class D fires – combustible metals: chemicals such as magnesium, aluminum or potassium
 –    Electrical fires – electrical equipment: once the electrical item is removed, the fire changes class
 –    Class F fires – cooking oils: typically a chip-pan fire

A 5 or 10 pound ABC fire extinguisher can be purchased from A&A Fire and Safety Company.  If you can’t wait, Amazon offers more expensive options for about $65+.

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