Keeping your kids safe at school involves many factors. As a parent, you can help your kids understand the dangers of fire and the need for safe behavior during a fire drill,  Fire drills were put in place to prevent deaths and injuries from fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other emergencies.

AT SCHOOL…..Keeping our schools safe, state regulations require fire alarm street boxes to be placed no more than one hundred feet from the front of the building.  Arkansas requires each school to perform a monthly fire drill.  Every school is required to have an evacuation plan, practice the evacuation plan, and maintain working fire alarms.  Teacher training involves planning the amount of space and time to get all of the students out quickly, and safely.

With child safety as a top priority, the fire drill ensures everyone in the building is aware of how to exit the building in the quickest, easiest and safest way possible.  Staff and students should be able to distinguish the sound of the fire alarm and follow procedures to evacuate the building safely.

All staff and students have the responsibility to look out for causes of fires and be proactive in preventing the start of fire.  Controlling waste disposal, proper storage of combustible supplies, more frequent fire drills and inspections will help make all schools and buildings safer for our kids.    #safetypreventsdanger

AT HOME….Younger kids are fascinated by fire, but they should be taught the dangers of fire as well.  Education on how fires start, the dangers of fire, and fire prevention should be part of family discussions.

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