Campfire safety is of utmost importance.  A few tips to help keep you and your family safe…

1. When scouting for a fire pit, make sure it’s not under any low hanging branches or near brush or bushes.

2. Most campgrounds have a pit already dug out, it’s not always ready to go when it comes time for your first fire. Depending on who was there before, there may be some additional safety measures to take.

  • Clear all debris from around the fire pit, including garbage and grass. There should be a 5-foot perimeter of soil around the campfire space.
  • If there is no metal ring, circle the pit with rocks. If your fire grows in size, this will help keep it within these borders.
  • Keep any flammable items far from the fire. This includes aerosol cans and pressurized containers.

3.  Prevent the spread of fire… A big gust of wind or new piece of wood could cause your fire to grow larger than anticipated.  So,  always have water, dirt or a shovel nearby to help reduce the flames or put it out completely if necessary.

4. Whether you’re camping alone, with friends or your whole family, it’s easy to get distracted and walk away from the fire. ALWAYS  make sure someone always has an eye on the fire. Especially keep an eye on pets and children that may be sitting or walking close by.

5. When it’s time to retire to bed, you need to put out the fire. Options: throwing water or dirt on the fire is always the best;   stir the embers around to ensure another fire won’t start. Ideally, the coals should be wet and cold.

A great weekend is quickly ruined if someone is hurt or something catches flame. Keep campfire safety in mind, and the fun will follow.  #safetypreventsdanger

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