The screeching of a smoke alarm can be piercing to family members experiencing a deep sleep in the middle of the night.  Often caused from a low battery, the smoke detector’s persistent screeching is unbearable and MUST BE STOPPED.   It is not uncommon for home owners to “rip out” the battery and turn the smoke detector off.   Upon the dawn of a new day, the smoke alarm is forgotten and life moves forward.  Have you experienced this in your home?  Did you replace the battery right away or put that simple task on your “to do” list?   As the events of a new day unfold, many homeowners never get around to replacing the batteries as a house fire seems like an unimaginable threat.  As a result, the safety of their family and their property is dependent upon the few remaining smoke detectors scattered throughout the home.  If they are lucky, those smoke detectors have a battery and are operational.

home fire

Smoke Alarms Without Batteries







The damage to this home will be a lot more costly than a few 9 volt batteries.  Replace the batteries or buy a new smoke alarm.  Either way, your family remains safe and protected.

Choose the right smoke alarm (CBS Minnesota) 

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