rapid spread of fire

In reality, the speed of the spread of fire is even more shocking.  This house fire from 2016 demonstrates how quickly a fire can get out of hand.  This suburban, two story home was engulfed in flames in under 8 minutes.  #neighborhooddisaster

The entire video was 11 minutes, but a short snippet reveals the uncontrollable forces of even the smallest fire.

  • The fire started in the garage
  • The entire house was engulfed in under 8 minutes
  • The fire department arrived on the scene 9 minutes after the video began  (Based on research, that is a very good response time)
  • Efforts to extinguish the fire started a few more minutes after.  (Fire fighters needed time to set up hoses and establish a safe perimeter)
  • Nearby houses received smoke and exterior damage too

Households can expect to average a home fire every 15 years or five fires in an average lifetime. That is one of the results of the latest survey of unreported fires, conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2004-2005, when combined with NFPA’s annual tracking of reported fires.  Most of these will be small fires resulting in little or no damage and will not be reported to a fire department. Your household has a one in four chance of having a home fire large enough to be reported to a fire department during an average lifetime.

According to the yearly analysis of the NFPA, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 358,300 home structure fires per year during 2010-2014.  $6.7 billion in direct damage, or 69% of total direct damage in structure fires

#1 Cause of home fires:  Cooking

#2 Cause of home fires: Heating equipment

Smoke inhalation was the leading cause of civilian home fire deaths.

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