Learn the proper techniques for dealing with kitchen fires:  Step 1: Turn off the burner and get everybody out of the kitchen.     Step 2: Stay clear of water.  Pouring water on burning grease will instantly evaporate the water, causing tiny oil droplets to disperse throughout your kitchen and spread the fire everywhere.   Step 3: Remove the oxygen by using a non-glass lid or baking sheet (for stove-top fires): Cover the pan with a metal lid or metal baking sheet.  The fire will quickly consume the remaining oxygen and then peter out.   OR    Use salt or baking soda (for oven fires).  Step 4:  If you can’t get the flames extinguished, call 911 immediately and get out of the house.    Call A&A Fire and Safety TODAY!  We will help you stay safe with up to date fire protection equipment. 501-834-5353